Moving –

June 6, 2006

Moving over to my own domain, so you people can click on ads for me. And so I can categorize my posts. Right. Click here.


Google Tribute – Gregory

June 5, 2006

Doing my little push in the google rankings for another #joiito'er – Gregory.  Hope it helps.

Netflix for Books

June 4, 2006 is the first one I found, 4 books at a time for 14 bucks. is a competitor, they charge 9.95 a month, but you keep the books.  Only one per month.  Good for building a library, not exactly netflix at all, but 10$ for a hardcover is damn cheap. 

The Evening News, and why it sucks

June 1, 2006

Evening News Audience

Somebody should get canned.  This is another Mark Cuban inspired post, he just blasted the lack of journalism and how TV is losing ground fast to the internet.  He says its lack of investigation and inability to find a persona that resonates with viewers.  I think that's part of it, but I think the real problem is the decision makers look at the ratings the wrong way.  Look at the graph above.  It's pretty obvious whats going on.  Now imagine that in each year, the highpoint in ratings comes from some catastrophe like Katrina or the Tsunami that they ride on for a week or two.  So they spend all year looking for these catastrophes, and publicizing miniature ones in the hope of getting people interested.  But people don't care, so they watch less and less, because it is less and less relevant.

Everytime I watch the evening news, I see lowest common denominator scare tactics.  YOUR ORANGE JUICE IS EATING YOUR SOUL!  TRIPLE HOMICIDE! etc. etc.  These features have little informative content beyond the headline, and don't help me to learn more about the things I actually care about.  If I ask you in the morning if you cared about a fight between four drug dealers in a seedy part of town, you'd say no.  Why should the answer be much different that night?  The headline tells it all, and I don't need to see their neighbors going on about it.  Give me something I care about.

Ok, enough bitching.  Jon Stewart has found something I care about.  Howard Stern, to a lesser extent, did too.  Politics seems to be the way to go.  And there is no other real avenue to get local politics.  Talk about the governor race in a way that makes sense, and covers the issues.  I don't want to see a debate between the candidates, they won't say anything.  Give me two supporters.  Give me a pundit.  Say something with content.  

And yeah, you can't do that every night.  But have a special on nearby universities, and which ones to consider, pros and cons.  Talk about things that I crave information about.  And don't make it sensational.  I can tell.

Give me something that I want to watch, and I will watch.  But I want info, I want in depth, I want more than I can see on the AP feed.  And I want it to really affect me, personally.  I want to leave your show and say, I'm glad I watched that.  Please. 

Support Artists

May 31, 2006

Downhill Battle and other say that buying iTunes and cd's does not support artists.

But do they offer any solutions? No, just bitch, steal, and mail a buck. I smell lots of guilty dollars sitting in peoples pockets who just did the first two steps.

  1. Bitch
  2. Steal
  3. Profit!

I'll mail your damn dollars for you, and take a dime for the pleasure. So i'm gonna buy up a memorable domain, allow you to pay as few as five dollars, divvied up to as many artists as you like, and once that artist has 5$ saved up, they can have it. (The limits are to prevent credit card companies from burning me) If they never get 5$, or it takes too long, you can have it back.

If you want to code monkey for me, I'll give you 50% of everything.

Social Networking Done Right

May 31, 2006

Social networking sites have still failed to do what friendster set out to do 6 or 7 years ago: introduce people to other people don't yet know. Yeah, I can keep a very close eye on the people I sort of know through class and friendship, but their friends are not very accessible. It's socially challenging, with good reason, to 'poke' a friend of a friend (foaf). Why? It's the same situation as in a bar, maybe a little better since you know a few things about them and that somebody you know knows them. (maybe not though- how are you supposed to ask a girl what she's into when its all laid out in her profile?) But you still have to make that introduction. So how do you fix that? Parties, icebreakers, and introductions. I think icebreakers are lame, and introductions don't really get things going in the way they should. So how the hell do you have a party on a website?

You tell me, because I lost patience with this post. :)

Internet TV and Movies

May 31, 2006

The internet is fast becoming the place to get everything. Music is here already, movies and tv are on their way, even friends and relationships are on offer here. Monetizing that is a huge problem. Most people I know don't pay for music. Music I have no ideas about, in fact. Its so available, so small, why not pirate it? The best I've been able to come up with is crossed with this artists site. You pay at least the costs of my bandwidth, and after that, pay what you want. It only works in Russia though… Movies and TV seem to fit the compulsory ad model, ala Or, more intrusively, product placement. I think I'm ok with either, salon doesnt bug me, and product placement is usually either obvious and ineffective, or subtle and inobtrusive. I want to see TV and movies on the internet with digg and wiki interfaces. I watched the show, and along the bottom is a feed of the highrated comments on the show, or the fresh comments, or my friends comments, and I can add to it, and moderate them as well. The highrated ones get front-paged and saved for the next viewers, and can be time and graphically anchored. So I can comment on the whats going on 2mins into the show. Or I can comment on the actress who appears 5 mins in, and ID her for everybody. This kind of factual data could be modded slashdot style with informative, and subsequently wiki-edited to have a link to the imdb page for her. Also, if ads are used inline, like oldschool tv, viewers can tag them accordingly as well – good, bad, relevant, irrelevant. I haven't fully browsed yet, but they seem to be doing some interesting stuff along these lines with TV party. A little ad-on, credit to Mike-FF from #joiito on freenode.  All those tickers of comments would be even more annoying than stock and news crawls, so it would probably be best to have them activate on request.  So I can pause to find out more or add my comment.  Since its no longer synchronous like oldschool tv, that actually works.