Social Networking Done Right

Social networking sites have still failed to do what friendster set out to do 6 or 7 years ago: introduce people to other people don't yet know. Yeah, I can keep a very close eye on the people I sort of know through class and friendship, but their friends are not very accessible. It's socially challenging, with good reason, to 'poke' a friend of a friend (foaf). Why? It's the same situation as in a bar, maybe a little better since you know a few things about them and that somebody you know knows them. (maybe not though- how are you supposed to ask a girl what she's into when its all laid out in her profile?) But you still have to make that introduction. So how do you fix that? Parties, icebreakers, and introductions. I think icebreakers are lame, and introductions don't really get things going in the way they should. So how the hell do you have a party on a website?

You tell me, because I lost patience with this post. :)


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