Internet TV and Movies

The internet is fast becoming the place to get everything. Music is here already, movies and tv are on their way, even friends and relationships are on offer here. Monetizing that is a huge problem. Most people I know don't pay for music. Music I have no ideas about, in fact. Its so available, so small, why not pirate it? The best I've been able to come up with is crossed with this artists site. You pay at least the costs of my bandwidth, and after that, pay what you want. It only works in Russia though… Movies and TV seem to fit the compulsory ad model, ala Or, more intrusively, product placement. I think I'm ok with either, salon doesnt bug me, and product placement is usually either obvious and ineffective, or subtle and inobtrusive. I want to see TV and movies on the internet with digg and wiki interfaces. I watched the show, and along the bottom is a feed of the highrated comments on the show, or the fresh comments, or my friends comments, and I can add to it, and moderate them as well. The highrated ones get front-paged and saved for the next viewers, and can be time and graphically anchored. So I can comment on the whats going on 2mins into the show. Or I can comment on the actress who appears 5 mins in, and ID her for everybody. This kind of factual data could be modded slashdot style with informative, and subsequently wiki-edited to have a link to the imdb page for her. Also, if ads are used inline, like oldschool tv, viewers can tag them accordingly as well – good, bad, relevant, irrelevant. I haven't fully browsed yet, but they seem to be doing some interesting stuff along these lines with TV party. A little ad-on, credit to Mike-FF from #joiito on freenode.  All those tickers of comments would be even more annoying than stock and news crawls, so it would probably be best to have them activate on request.  So I can pause to find out more or add my comment.  Since its no longer synchronous like oldschool tv, that actually works.

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