Support Artists

Downhill Battle and other say that buying iTunes and cd's does not support artists.

But do they offer any solutions? No, just bitch, steal, and mail a buck. I smell lots of guilty dollars sitting in peoples pockets who just did the first two steps.

  1. Bitch
  2. Steal
  3. Profit!

I'll mail your damn dollars for you, and take a dime for the pleasure. So i'm gonna buy up a memorable domain, allow you to pay as few as five dollars, divvied up to as many artists as you like, and once that artist has 5$ saved up, they can have it. (The limits are to prevent credit card companies from burning me) If they never get 5$, or it takes too long, you can have it back.

If you want to code monkey for me, I'll give you 50% of everything.


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