It has become impossible to pretend that I’m a part of the internet without having anything I’ve thought become a permanent part of the hive mind with my name attached to it. As much as I would much rather just talk, I do need a little asynchronous chunk of myself archived on the web.

I’m currently at Rutgers University, NJ, USA, nearly done with a BS in Computer Science, linguistics minor.

Projects I’m working on:

  • Rutgers RoboCup Soccer – A distributed soccer team that learns as it plays. Buzzwords: genetic algorithms, neural nets, distributed systems.
  • NHL2004 Hockey Announcer Agent – Using source from EA, our team is programming an announcer for interactive hockey games that actually knows what he’s talking about. Buzzwords: machine learning, natural language generation, conversational agents, computational pragmatics.
  • AIMsweringMachine – Creating a system for communication within the AIM protocol without presence. Will also include schedule reminders, IMvites. Buzzwords: IM as a platform, web services.

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